Drennan Acolyte Pro Margin Carp 9,5 Pole
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Drennan Acolyte Pro Margin Carp 9,5m Pole

Drennan Acolyte Pro Margin Carp 9,5m Pole
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The Acolyte Pro Margin Carp 9.5 is stiff, lightweight, super strong and perfect for big, hard fighting commercial carp!



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The Acolyte Pro Margin Carp is built on the same mandrel as the Acolyte Pro Carp pole, but is even stronger. That means the top kits (not individual sections 1 & 2) and sections three to seven can potentially interchange between these two poles. This is very useful if you need an even stronger pole for heavy duty margin fishing or simply want a spare or ‘back-up’ pole at significantly reduced cost. As with the other Acolyte poles the male & female joints are reinforced to help reduce wear and prolong pole life.

This seven-section pole complete with reversible mini extension is 9.5m straight from the bag and needs no cutting back to accept our largest 5.4m internal PTFE bushes which come supplied. It is ideal when used in conjunction with thick, hollow elastic such as our popular pink 14-16, red 18-20 and Orange 20+ Carp Bungee. 

The special Margin Kits supplied measure 2.33m and are designed to be shorter than the 2.89m kits supplied with the other Acolyte poles, as we believe it is the optimum length for more demanding, close-range work. Having a shorter length of elastic offers you much more control over a big fish, which can be really important when tackling snaggy swims. Usefully these Margin kits are the same length as the Double Two carp kits from the Acolyte pole range when the lower D2 part is removed providing even more versatility.

In the standard package one of the Margin Kits comes with the special Ghost Tip which have been specially treated with a light grey paint finish. This has been designed for ultra wary fish that could potentially be spooked by a dark carbon pole tip waving over their heads especially in very shallow margins.

The standard package comes with a total of three Kits (one in the pole and two spare) but, as with all Drennan poles, you can tailor this to your own requirements. Just ask your Drennan stockist for your mix of kits & sections.

Each kit comes with our own unique factory-fitted Side Pull Slots as standard and is also supplied with Roller Cones for unrivalled, super-smooth elastic performance.

The new Easy Fit pure PTFE bushes supplied have a series of tiny ‘crush ribs at the end which means that they will simply push-fit very securely without any need for glue.

Standard Package:

  • 9.5m Acolyte Pro Margin Pole (sections 3-6)
  • Mini extensions (sections 7))
  • 2 x Margin Kit
  • 1 x Ghost Margin Kit
Accessories include:
  • Skid bungs 40mm, 44mm
  • Pole pot & 6.4mm adaptor – so you can convert any of the kits to a cupping kit matching the length of your elasticated kits if you want to.
  • 3.5mm PTFE for fitting into the black EVA Nose Cones of No 2 sections x 1 pkt of 6
  • Orange 4.1mm i/d ‘Easy Fit’ Margin PTFE x 1 pkt of 2
  • Red 3.5mm i/d ‘Easy Fit’ Margin PTFE x 1 pkt of 2
  • Pink 3.2mm i/d ‘Easy Fit’ Margin PTFE x 1 pkt of 2
  • EVA Nose cone for No 3 male joint
  • Roller cones x 3
  • Side pull beads x 1 packet of 9 coloured
  • Extractor rod – long x 1
  • Wipe clean nylon bag
  • Spare top 2 Margin kits (all types) get the relevant sized roller cone and a pkt of Red 3.5mm i/d PTFE bushes supplied as standard.
Weights and lengths:
  • 9.5m average weight: 750g
  • Made from the same mandrel as the Acolyte Pro Carp pole therefore compatible. 
  • Reinforced joints
Spare sections codes:
  • PTACPMK000 - Acolyte Pro Margin Top 2 Kit
  • PTACPMK001 - Acolyte Pro Margin Ghost Top 2 Kit
  • PTACPMS000 - Acolyte Pro Margin Section Top
  • PTACPMS001 - Acolyte Margin Ghost Top Grey
  • PTACPMS002 - Acolyte Pro Margin Section No2
  • PTACPMS003 - Acolyte Pro Margin Section No3
  • PTACPMS004 - Acolyte Pro Margin Section No4
  • PTACPMS005 - Acolyte Pro Margin Section No5
  • PTACPMS006 - Acolyte Pro Margin Butt No6
  • PTACPMS007 - Acolyte Pro Margin No7 Mini Extension

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